TriPac® Envidia™

All-Electric APU

We’re proud to introduce a clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit (APU) that not only saves fuel but delivers unmatched driver comfort previously unavailable in an electric unit. Meet TriPac Envidia, the envy of the trucking world.

Thermo King already builds the best selling diesel APU in the industry, and with TriPac Envidia, brings you the longest all-electric runtime in the industry* along with superior battery life. See why TriPac Envidia is the right choice for you!

*Based on testing with leading competitive all-electric APU system.

TriPac Envida Specs

Evaporator Airflow
230 ft3/min

HFC R-134a

Air Conditioning Capacity*
BTUs/hr 8,000
Watts 2,342

Tractor Alternator
Minimum Size Required 270A

The tripac HMI Controller features a simple three-knob design for easy operation.

Heating Capacity
BTUs/hr 7,500 Watts  2,200
BTUs/hr13,600 Watts3,986 (optional)

System Weight (approx.)
Battery Box w/Cables: 480 lbs
Evap: 66 lbs
Condenser w/Drier: 26 lbs

Warranty Summary
Terms of the Thermo King Limited Express Warranty are available upon request.

Extended Warranty 
Several Extended Warranty options are available for your tripac system. Choose a flexible program and select the warranty period, deductible and hours of operation that best meet your needs. Ask your local Thermo King dealer about nationwide coverage plans.

*AHRI STD - Standard for Performance Rating of unitary Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps for the rating conditions of 80F Box, 50% humidity, and 95°F ambient.