Vehicle Powered

Clean, efficient, reliable.
Thermo king direct drive vehicle-powered units for a wide variety of applications

Every day your business faces new challenges - increasing fuel costs, new idling and noise regulations, food safety, driver turnover - all while you’re expected to continue to deliver the freshest product possible to your customers. That’s where Thermo King comes in. With a full range of direct-drive units to suit your needs, from straight trucks to delivery vans, flowers to seafood, Thermo King has the temperature control solution for you.
The B-100 is a compact, all-electric unit that provides outstanding refrigeration capacity for small trucks and vans in fresh applications. The system is powered by the vehicle’s battery (minimum 250 amp alternator recommended) and does not require a compressor mounted in the engine compartment or extra refrigerant hoses. The B-100 is controlled by the Thermo King Direct Smart Reefer (DSR) controller, which delivers maximum temperature control and efficiency.

B-100 Features Include:

  • Ultra-thin ceiling mounted evaporator to increase payload space
  • Low battery voltage protection
  • SmartPower electric standby standard (115 VAC)
  • Hermetic refrigeration system

  • Lightweight construction
  • R-134a refrigerant
  • 12VDC
  • Backed by Thermo King’s world-wide service network
The V-220 and V-320 vehicle powered units deliver day-in and day-out cooling performance for small van or compartmental applications. Both systems use an engine-mounted compressor (TK-13 and TK-15 respectively) and are available in MAX configurations for higher capacity needs or frozen goods.

V-220/V-320 Features Include:

  • SmartPower electric standby option (115 or 230 VAC)
  • Automatic hot gas defrost
  • Optional heating package (hot gas or coolant heat)
  • Jet Lube compressor lubrication
  • DSR III controller
  • R-134a or R-404a (MAX) refrigerants
  • 12VDC
  • Lightweight construction
  • Jet Cool compressor injection cooling (MAX units)
V-520 Nosemount and Rooftop
The V-520 provides superior cooling performance in two different packages: nosemount and rooftop. The nosemount unit is ideal for medium size box trucks, while the rooftop arrangement is perfect for large vans and body-onchassis vehicles with reach-in side compartments. Only Thermo King offers a unit with this much capacity in a slim line package (just 6 inches above the roof for non-standby units). Both units use an engine-mounted TK-16 compressor or optional TK-312 reciprocating compressor. Refrigerant R-404a is available for MAX and SPECTRUM units for frozen and multi-temp applications, while R-134a is available for fresh applications.

V-520 Features Include:
• SmartPower electric standby option (230 VAC)
• Automatic hot gas defrost
• Optional heating package (hot gas, MAX units)
• Jet Lube compressor lubrication
• Jet Cool compressor injection cooling (MAX units) 
    • DSR controller
• 12VDC
• 24VDC (non-standby units only)
• Lightweight construction
• Very long life condenser fans